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This week, we get into Keto Diet!

You've probably heard of keto, right?  We discuss why Keto is all the rage and why it’s exploded in popularity. They focus on the trending part of the Keto diet which is mostly for fat loss or weight loss, and just for general health. They cover the basics of ketosis and how our bodies use fat as its main source of energy.

If you are currently using the Keto method or are just curious about the fast-growing approach, we share some truths and debunk myths surrounding the Ketogenic approach.


In this episode we talk about…

  • Background of Keto therapeutic approach
  • Ketosis and its impact on our bodies
  • Getting into ketosis: nutrition, fasting, exogenous ketones 
  • Net carbs vs. total carbs
  • Importance of quality of food
  • MCT oils and exogenous ketones
  • Chasing numbers vs. chasing results
  • 3 types of ketone bodies and ketone tests
  • Importance of glucose to ketone ratio
  • Health benefits of a ketogenic diet
  • Ketogains option
  • What the ketogenic diet is NOT  


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Health Coach Beth

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