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Wellness Warriors Radio is your go-to resource for an open and candid conversation about the nuances of health and wellness. In each episode discover a unique perspective on living optimally.  Join us to discuss a wide range of health topics – sometimes controversial, sometimes with opposing views – setting the stage for you to decide what works best for YOU.


This week, Beth interviews Shivan Sarna, a true Wellness Warrior, and a passionate SIBO and IBS health educator and advocate. Diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) in 2015 after a lifetime struggle with digestive issues, Shivan decided to turn her past pain and ultimate victory over SIBO into a tangible way to help others who were also suffering. From that life-affirming decision, Shivan made her vision a reality… and SIBO SOS™ was born. More than just a summit of the world’s best gut health physicians, researchers, and functional medicine practitioners, SIBO SOS™ has become a movement for awareness, advocacy, and patient empowerment.


Join us and learn to overcome digestive challenges at The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit, September 3-9, 2018



The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit is hosted by health advocate and fellow Wellness Warrior and friend of Beth, Shivan Sarna. Shivan asks the questions YOU would ask if you were in the room with these experts.


If you're suffering from bloating, painful gas, diarrhea, constipation, mixed digestive patterns and/or poor nutrient absorption -- which impact OVER 400 million people worldwide -- you're not alone and there ARE solutions!


Join us at The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit to learn more about:


• Identifying the root cause of your digestive struggles
• Saving money from wasted doctor visits and ineffective treatments
• Identifying which foods cause your flares
• Naturopathic and conventional principles important to gut healing
• Strategies for food reintroduction
• Treatments, protocols and diets for IBS and/or SIBO
• And more!


The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit is online and free from September 3-9, 2018!


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