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Health Coach Beth

Top 10 Tips to Setting Healthy Goals

Most people set goals at the beginning of the year which can be a beneficial exercise to refocus your priorities and what you want to accomplish in life. Most of these goals will include some sort of health-related objective related to diet and fitness. Sadly, statistics report only about 8% of the people that set resolutions achieve them, which means that the 92% of people will fail. Have you found yourself in this situation in the past as you reflect upon your past resolutions? Even if you’re not one to set specific resolutions, you probably find yourself thinking about things you want to achieve in your life at some point throughout the year and you’ll have goals to accomplish in some area of your life. As you embark on your intentions, keep in mind there is a science to setting goals that deliver results. Rather than just wising for the best, I encourage you to take some time to review my tips to approach goal-setting strategically before jumping in without a solid plan. Follow my top 10 tips to setting goals and feel confident that you’ll achieve them! Read More