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Saying Yes to Becoming Your Own Boss

Setting your own hours, doing work you love, and sharing your true passion are all perks of being your own boss. While it may seem overwhelming to make the step to becoming the leader of your success, as your own boss, you now have the ability to manifest your future and create the life you’ve dreamed of. Read More

Health Coach Beth

5 Simple Steps to Quit Sugar

Sugar is a sneaky thing – it’s hiding everywhere and in many places you may not even realize! The thing is, when you think of sugar, I’m not only talking about table sugar. Sugar is found in many foods like yogurt, granola, protein drinks, energy bars, cereal, muffins, nut butters, coconut water, green juices, whole grain bread, Even 1 Tbsp. of your raw honey has 4 tsp. of added sugar…that’s okay but when we aren’t supposed to get more than 6 tsp. of sugar a day (women) and 9 tsp. per day (men) it all adds up quickly. Did you know the average breakfast of gluten-free cereal with fat free milk, yogurt and a banana adds up to a whopping 67 g. (22 tsp.) of sugar!?!?! I know you get it by now… While real-food sources of sugar can be incorporated in the right balance in a healthy diet, let’s chat about how we can quit sugar and rid ourselves from the foggy, fatigued and fat feeling it brings with it! Read More

Health Coach Beth

In this week’s episode Beth and Michal are joined by Dave Rhode, the founder and CEO of Paleo on the Go, a meal delivery service built for the paleo diet. Paleo on the Go focuses on sourcing organic and humanely treated paleo ingredients, while also  making it easy to eat healthy, real food in today’s busy culture. 


Listen as we discuss:


  • The personal motives surrounding why Dave started Paleo on the Go
  • The details and symptoms of Dave’s autoimmune condition
  • What exactly is a paleo diet?
  • How does it differ from an autoimmune paleo diet?
  • The story behind Paleo on the Go?
  • What is it like behind the scenes of Paleo on the Go?
  • The difficulties of sourcing real food
  • The common phrase “I can’t afford to eat healthy”
    Paleo on the Go partnering with the WWR Sugar Detox

Be sure to go to and use the discount code POTGDETOX for $16 off the Sugar Detox Bundle, the result of the POTG and WWR partnership.


Join the Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox at  We kick off October 1st for a total diet & lifestyle refresh!  Registration ends September 30th 2018.


If you missed the October session, sign up for our Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox interest list to be notified of our next program!

Health Coach Beth

Facebook Live Interview with Paleo on the Go Founder & CEO

I was so excited to be invited to speak with the Paleo on the Go community about sugar - common misconceptions, nuances and how to make eating sugar-free a lifestyle.

Integrative Nutrition

The Health Benefits of Laughing

At IIN, we teach the importance of joy in living a healthy and balanced life. Health isn’t just about eating kale and getting proper exercise; it’s equally important to relax, play, and laugh. We’ve all heard that “laughter is the best medicine,” and it’s true! Read More

Health Coach Beth

Dealing with Naysayers During your Sugar Detox

You’re all set to start on your Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox Program, and it feels a little bit like the night before Christmas you’re so giddy with anticipation. You have your program materials and have stocked your pantry with plenty of our “embrace” foods to get you through the next few weeks. The night before day one, you are feeling proud of yourself for making the commitment to clean up your diet to break free from the sugar and carb cravings you’ve been having lately, which you know aren’t good for you. You know it won’t be easy, but you’re ready to give it your best. Read More

Health Coach Beth

Wellness Warriors Radio


Your health, Your happiness, your tribe, your way!


Wellness Warriors Radio is your go-to resource for an open and candid conversation about the nuances of health and wellness. In each episode discover a unique perspective on living optimally.  Join us to discuss a wide range of health topics – sometimes controversial, sometimes with opposing views – setting the stage for you to decide what works best for YOU.


This week, Beth interviews Shivan Sarna, a true Wellness Warrior, and a passionate SIBO and IBS health educator and advocate. Diagnosed with SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) in 2015 after a lifetime struggle with digestive issues, Shivan decided to turn her past pain and ultimate victory over SIBO into a tangible way to help others who were also suffering. From that life-affirming decision, Shivan made her vision a reality… and SIBO SOS™ was born. More than just a summit of the world’s best gut health physicians, researchers, and functional medicine practitioners, SIBO SOS™ has become a movement for awareness, advocacy, and patient empowerment.


Join us and learn to overcome digestive challenges at The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit, September 3-9, 2018



The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit is hosted by health advocate and fellow Wellness Warrior and friend of Beth, Shivan Sarna. Shivan asks the questions YOU would ask if you were in the room with these experts.


If you're suffering from bloating, painful gas, diarrhea, constipation, mixed digestive patterns and/or poor nutrient absorption -- which impact OVER 400 million people worldwide -- you're not alone and there ARE solutions!


Join us at The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit to learn more about:


• Identifying the root cause of your digestive struggles
• Saving money from wasted doctor visits and ineffective treatments
• Identifying which foods cause your flares
• Naturopathic and conventional principles important to gut healing
• Strategies for food reintroduction
• Treatments, protocols and diets for IBS and/or SIBO
• And more!


The IBS & SIBO SOS™ Summit is online and free from September 3-9, 2018!


Register now!