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Episode 5:  The Paleo Thyroid Solution with Elle Russ (Part 2)

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This week, Beth interviews Elle Russ, author of the bestselling book THE PALEO THYROID SOLUTION and host of the popular Primal Blueprint Podcast for Part 2 of our all things thyroid podcast.


Elle is becoming the leading voice of thyroid health in the burgeoning Evolutionary Health Movement (also referred to as Paleo, Primal, or Ancestral Health). You can learn more about her at


In this episode we talk about…


  • What does it mean to follow a “Primal Lifestyle?”
  • Common misconceptions about the Ancestral, Paleo, Primal lifestyle
  • What it means to be “fat adapted?”
  • Can you be vegan and healthy?
  • How to eat and exercise to optimize your thyroid function
  • What it’s like to work on the Primal Blueprint team with Mark Sisson


If you missed Part 1 with Elle where we talked all about thyroid health essentials, listen to the first part of our interview at Wellness Warriors Radio EP03


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