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Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

You wake up at 3am with your heart racing. You have a pit in your stomach. You feel restless, light-headed, and hot. Your mind starts to race, and before you know it, you’re worrying about the list of things that need to be done tomorrow. Though mind and body reactions may vary, these symptoms are often an indication of anxiety. Read More

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Wellness Warriors Radio Episode 4:  What to Eat?

Wellness Warriors Radio

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Wellness Warriors Radio is your go-to resource for an open and candid conversation about the nuances of health and wellness. In each episode discover a unique perspective on living optimally.  Join us to discuss a wide-range of health topics – sometimes controversial, sometimes with opposing views – setting the stage for you to decide what works best for YOU.


This week, Beth & Michal discuss all the confusing and conflicting information out there about nutrition and diets and how we make decisions about what to eat.  According to an article by the Washington Post, “food tribes” are on the rise.  But is there really one perfect diet?  Listen in to hear our take on how to find the diet that is right for YOU!


In this episode we talk about…


  • Why food tribes are on the rise
  • Various types of popular diets and why you might follow them
  • How to differentiate a “fad diet” vs. a “diet as a lifestyle”
  • The similarities between various dietary approaches
  • The top foods to avoid and include for a healthy, balanced diet
  • Is there one “perfect diet”?
  • How to determine which diet is right for YOU


After listening, share your own personal experience or questions about food tribes and this topic in our Wellness Warriors Facebook Group!


Health Coach Beth

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget - Part 2

You may think that eating healthy always has to be expensive, but don’t let this notion keep you from your goals to eat healthy. In my previous blog post-Healthy Eating on a Budget Part 1, I outlined some tips to help you think about how you can save on the healthy foods your body craves and deserves. In case you missed it, check those out and read on for even more ideas! Read More

Health Coach Beth

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget Part 1

You’ve decided today’s the day you vow to cut out the junk and eat healthier! Good for you! Now you’re ready to start your Nutrition Challenge on the right foot and you’re following the MyHealthyTransitions Health Coaching Detox Checklist to the letter – cleaning out your pantry and getting ready to stock it with all nutritious foods. So why does healthy food have to cost more? Read More

Health Coach Beth

Keto Vanilla "Milkshake" Recipe & How to Build the Perfect Smoothie Guide

Many smoothies are much higher in sugar than you realize! Try this simple, healthy and yummy smoothie instead to balance your blood sugar naturally! This recipe is keto, paleo, dairy-free, sugar-free and DELICIOUS! Want the recipe and more healthy smoothie ideas? Download my free HOw to Build a Healthy Smoothie Guide at https://bitl.y/mht-perfectsmoothie

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