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Don't let Thanksgiving derail your healthy diet this year!

Will Thanksgiving Derail Your Healthy Diet This Year?

It's almost Thanksgiving and I bet you're already thinking about your holiday meal!  Some of you may be looking forward to it, and maybe some of you aren't because of the stress and temptations.  Eating healthy on Thanksgiving (and around the holidays in general) can be a challenge for many people; otherwise there wouldn't be the issue of weight gain around this time of year.  I am not one to focus mostly on weight by any means, but it is very important to me that you feel good and that is shifting your mindset from being "off and on" the sugar rollercoaster and "diets" and to thinking about your nutrition in terms of an ongoing healthy lifestyle vs. a short-term fix. 

It takes practice, even for me in many areas of my life, but together we can support each other to treat ourselves well.  That's why I compiled an amazing list of healthy Thanksgiving recipes that can be perfect for the holidays or the entire winter season!  Check those out on the MyHealthyTransitions Health Coaching website Newsletter archives HERE!

If you are cooking, I hope you'll consider swapping out one of these recipes as a makeover for another dish.  Thrive Market has a page of lower cost options that will help you save money on ingredients.  

If you want to really RELAX and SIMPLIFY your holiday, I have a great Paleo AIP option from one of my partners, Paleo on the Go, which will make your healthy Thanksgiving menu a breeze (everything but the bird)!

Let me know if you do make anything from these menu ideas and how it was received by your guests (most times people can't even tell it's "healthy"!) (P.S.  Check out the green bean casserole recipe from Empowered Sustenance and you'll see all the chemicals and "fake" ingredients that are in cream of mushroom soup - eek!)

Finally, if you're not cooking or hosting the meal, here are some tips that can still get you through the day (and season) without too much damage.  

Remember, this is only one day, so enjoy yourself and the company you're thankful for, because that is what is most important in life after all.  Make happy memories.  

Have a happy holiday!

Beth's Healthy Holiday Tips:

Plan ahead
You've heard it a million times before, but there is a reason why it's one of the most common tips when it comes to diet and nutrition and sticking with your goals. If you're cooking, then you can plan a healthy menu from the recipes below.  If you're a guest, ask ahead if there is a dish you can bring (preferably a side so you can be sure you'll have a vegetable that isn't covered in cheese or marshmallows) and that way you can fill up on turkey or ham (or protein) and vegetables and then have a small portion of one dish that doesn't fit within your "everyday" eating plan.  Setting those limits in advance can help you to feel more in control and you'll still feel like you can partake in a dish you really enjoy and it will be worth the splurge because it was a conscious choice on your part.

Reduce stress
Believe it or not, stress can contribute more to weight loss resistance, inflammation and cravings than most people realize (or care to acknowledge because it's viewed as "normal").  I know it's not easy, but if you can take a step back to breathe and manage your internal stress response if you're feeling overwhelmed.  Be sure to prioritize sleep and get in some light activity and fresh air like walking around the holidays and I'm sure you'll feel much better and be able to make better choices when it comes to your diet.  Also, a good quality soil-based probiotic can really support healthy immune function, a healthy gut and cravings for sugary foods which can be affected by constant stress especially this time of year (I recommend this one).

Don't worry about others 
I often find my clients are more concerned about all the other people in their life rather than focusing on themselves.  What I'm saying here is that you simply can't worry about what others are eating or the choices they make regarding their nutrition.  The only person you can control is YOU and this is where you need to start.  Also, if people give you a hard time for wanting to make choices that best serve your body; you don't have to defend yourself as to why.  Sometimes it takes people a while to get used to change, especially if you used to be someone who indulged in anything at the sake of your feeling your best...but trust me, if you don't make a big deal about it, soon they won't either.  If they are truly interested in following your healthy lead, you can share with them some of the things you learned while we've worked together, or you can invite them to join in on one of my upcoming programs or the MyHealthyTransitions Health Coaching Facebook community for that extra accountability, healthy inspiration and support.

Now that you’re prepared to have a healthy holiday, let me know your strategies and how you make out!