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Client Testimonials


"Beth is passionate about nutrition. She regularly sent relevant e-mails and information. She listened to my specific goals and didn't make me eat food that I don't like! Beth was always available via text, which was helpful when I was at the grocery store trying to make good choices. I definitely learned things and my eating habits are significantly improved because of our six months working together."


"Beth is an energetic, non-judgmental teacher. She's an expert on nutrition and practices what she teaches. [As a result of my 6-month program, I have] less inflammation and weight loss and just a whole general improvement in feeling well." 


"Beth's focus on 'health' vs. a 'diet' made all the difference in my success on my journey.  Working with Beth for 4 months, I lost 20 lbs, cleared up my Candida symptoms and have more knowledge about healthy eating and more self-confidence than I have ever before!  I've tried many 'diets' but Beth helped me to view health as a lifestyle."


"I was addicted to sugar and carbs when I started working with Beth, but in 3 months I lost 60 lbs. and completely transformed the way I view food.  I have more self-confidence and motivation to live my life, which is what health is for!"


"Beth was able to help me work towards [my health] goals by being a constant source of education and support.  I would describe Beth as positive, hopeful, encouraging, responsible, and reliable, intelligent, eager for more knowledge, relentless in searching out perfect complimenting tools to assist in learning.  [She is also] flexible, understanding, empathetic and organized.  I would recommend Beth to someone searching out a guide who can provide tailored, relevant education and a point of accountability.  I could have never achieved the progress I made without an external point of accountability and someone to help me get started on and guide me through a difficult and complex journey [with autoimmune disease].  I owe my current state of health and self-esteem to Beth." 


"I am so grateful to Beth for being patient with me and guiding me to make small changes in my consumption of sugar and gluten to manage the extreme pain of back pain and arthritis in my body. I am not eager to manage my flare-ups by using medicinal options. I am aware that when I am mindful of my choices and limit sugar /gluten I have very little inflammation and am able to knit, crochet, walk, just move, and even open a jar without pain in my fingers. Being aware of how much sugar is hidden in foods we eat, and choosing to become informed, is worth the effort." 


“6 pounds in 11 days [doing Beth's Sugar Detox program], and I haven't even worked at it. Wait until I actually get into a regular exercise routine! This has been the biggest eye-opener.” 


“After working with Beth, I am proud of my accomplishments: I have beaten my cravings time and time again even though I started with very little faith in myself. I have managed my stress WITHOUT turning to food. I have lost a little weight. My arthritis hasn't flared up. But the true accomplishment, I think, is this: My husband and I just talked over lunch about our meal plan for next week and even though this round of the sugar detox will be "over", neither of us suggested any foods outside of the plan or that we thought we would "miss." We reached for our favorite recipes from the past three weeks and new ones, too. Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind to think any differently. This is what really struck me and made me proud.”


“I had the pleasure of working with Beth through my first experience on the sugar detox program. She provided the necessary support, resources, and 'voice of reason' to help me transition to a healthier lifestyle and break my addiction to sugary foods. I am in control of my eating, have increased proteins, vegetables, and good fats into my diet, and no longer crave sweets with every meal. I do not believe I would have been able to be successful with the program without Beth's support through this transition, and am grateful for her nutritional expertise and her positive, affirming validation of my desire to be a healthier me.” 


"It is great that someone like Beth is going into the community to bring awareness to the willing folks who are recognizing that it is our diet that creates many of our aches and pains and health problems. I was one of those folks. I had gotten lazy with what I was eating and drinking. Taking Beth's Sugar Detox class gave me the exact "jump-start" that I needed to get back on track. My achy ankles and knuckles are now back to having no pain!" 


“Thanks to Beth & her sugar detox program, I was able to give myself a much needed birthday present - a healthier and new me! I weighed myself this morning and since the start, I've lost 15 lbs! My clothes fit better, my boots zip up without a struggle, and most importantly - I feel AMAZING! Coming from someone who has struggled with her weight her whole life and has been diagnosed with PCOS which is supposed to make it very difficult to lose weight, this is a HUGE deal for me. I can't wait to apply the knowledge and tips I've learned to my everyday life even after the 21 days are up!” 


"I have worked in the health/wellness/fitness area, and thought I knew a lot about what makes up a "healthy" nutritional program, but Beth and her sugar detox program have opened my eyes to a whole new solution to whatever it is that is keeping you from being the best version of yourself. This is a natural, whole foods approach to nutrition and is easy to follow, allowing a wide variety of choices to suit everyone's needs. I look forward to working with Beth one-on-one to personalize my program, but will also continue to attend the group sessions as they add a level of community support that is beneficial to all. Beth herself is a kind soul, who inspires without pressure, leading you gently to make the choices necessary to feel better by making better food choices through the program." 


“After working with Beth, I have been encouraged to get back in my kitchen and be creative with breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks as well. I do think that the group posts in her sugar detox program have really helped me to stay on track and my body is thankful.” 


“My main motivation to take this journey was to help the progressive pain of arthritis that was gradually limiting my ability to do simple tasks…Beth's Sugar Detox has amazed me with results. I can now say quite honestly as a lover of all things sweet, I can now pass up a sugar-loaded buffet bonanza of sweets and not feel deprived but smile and feel energized about the freedom I now possess.” 


"Beth's guidance, as well as weekly support from our in-person group, provided me with valuable, crucial information that revolutionized the way I think about my eating habits--and more importantly, about the control I have over them. It turns out I have more discipline than I ever thought possible. I came to enjoy cooking new foods and updating old favorites. 21 days later, my arthritis pain had subsided, my weight dropped, and my confidence skyrocketed. This no gimmicks, no hidden agenda, no special foods or drinks, no points or calories to count education has changed me for the better all thanks to Beth and her knowledge, care, and support!" 


"Working with Beth, I learned....that old dogs can indeed learn new, healthy tricks. That counting calories isn't what counts. The only math you need is protein + good fat + veggies + flavor. That cauliflower is good and so are parsnips! That I don't need to please anyone but myself when making food choices. That snacks don't have to be a bar-candy or granola. Meal math = snack math too. That I am not lactose intolerant, I am gluten intolerant, and dairy is not my friend. I am thankful for all who have supported me in this journey. I am going to eat this way going forward. I know there will be times where I may falter, but I will be keeping these changes for as long as I can. I feel better, sleep better, and look better.” 


“I have learned so much, but most importantly that my healthy choices are mine and do not have to be validated or even understood by anyone else. I have learned truly what my body, mind, and spirit NEED to be fed and it wasn't what I thought or what I was craving. I learned that I don't need to eat as much as I thought I did. My body works better on less when I choose the right things. I learned that my body can only hold a very small amount of sugar before it has to go into overdrive and that excess is what was hanging on. This fact alone has kept me more conscious of what I choose to put into my body. The science of it and that visual Beth shared in one of her sessions really hit home with me. I learned that I love to cook even more and that the act of cooking a healthy, balanced meal is therapeutic and joyful. I also learned that I do have the ability to be disciplined and to change my thinking.” 


“Í have learned a lot about myself. I have lost weight, I have more energy and less pain I am trying to continue on a healthy way of living. Thank you so much.” 


"Doing the sugar detox with Beth was the most educational 'diet'/nutrition program I've ever done. I don't jump on every bandwagon, but expect to be successful when I try one. This really was easy and I didn't have "withdrawal" like I thought I would. The education behind why we were eating the right foods made it easy to want to follow. I was surprised when I lost 3 lbs. in 3 days, then 6 lbs. in 13 days and I honestly was eating plenty of tasty food. Mid-program I got off the blood pressure medicine that I had been on for a year. All this was without regular exercise due to the craziness of my work schedule and long hours." 


"Beth was there to keep me positive. She showed me I could do the autoimmune modification even though some of my favorite food were no foods. She was great! I could not have done it without the extra support!" 


“Beth's Sugar Detox [program] has amazed me with results. I can now say quite honestly that, as a lover of all things sweet, I can pass up a sugar loaded buffet bonanza with a smile and not feel deprived but energized by the feeling of freedom that I now possess. I am grateful to [Beth] for her patience with me in getting "on board". I was not an easy one to convince. I am not in any way trying to say that this is easy at all. It takes much thought and solid commitment to at least try. Beth was up front with me about that fact. Seeing the group posts and positive comments as well as honest struggles been a great help in reminding me to make it all the way.” 


"Health Coach Beth has extensive knowledge of how to eliminate sugar habits, how to nourish your body and even heal it with food, how to be mindful about eating, and how to take care of your whole body, mind, and spirit.  She is so generous with her knowledge and is genuine in her care of her sugar detox participants.  This being my second time through the program, I was able to focus more on myself to understand how different foods affect my body and help me to feel better.  The emphasis is on making better choices and feeling your best, not restriction or negativity.  I feel confident and supported with I work with Beth and will continue to do so in the future!" 


"The detox came at a time in my life when I needed access to quick info. on how to deal with feeing my husband, a newly diagnosed diabetic, food that he would enjoy.  All the guidance and information served me well to help both of us on our way to healthier eating that in the end is good for our mind, body, and spirit. It works!  Following Beth's Sugar Detox program for only 7 days lowered my husband's glucose levels from over 400 to an average of 125.  The doctors were impressed and so we will keep following a modified version of the program for health reasons." 


"Beth's Sugar Detox group coaching program is the best thing I've ever done for myself.  I've been searching for years for the right diet and learned it's about a healthy lifestyle, not dieting.  Knowledge is power and I've learned enough I want to learn more.  Beth is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and she has inspired me to want to do better.  I look forward to continuous improvement." 


"Working with Beth is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my health."


"Beth was an excellent coach.  Well educated; really knows her info. inside and out.  She made herself available to us to answer personal questions.  Beth has a great personality.  I really enjoyed her online videos in her sugar detox program." 


"I wanted to thank you for your support through the sugar detox. I’m not sure I told you this, but at my last doctor visit, there was some concern that I was pre-diabetic. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family so I definitely have a predilection for it. I went for a follow up A1C check yesterday and everything was well within the normal range. Woo hoo! Your sugar detox and re-entry plan works!"


These are all REAL PEOPLE who achieved REAL RESULTS. 


This can be YOU!


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