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5 Simple Steps to Quit Sugar

Sugar is a sneaky thing – it’s hiding everywhere and in many places you may not even realize!   The thing is, when you think of sugar, I’m not only talking about table sugar. 


Sugar is found in many foods like yogurt, granola, protein drinks, energy bars, cereal, muffins, nut butters, coconut water, green juices, whole grain bread, Even 1 Tbsp. of your raw honey has 4 tsp. of added sugar…that’s okay but when we aren’t supposed to get more than 6 tsp. of sugar a day (women) and 9 tsp. per day (men) it all adds up quickly.  Did you know the average breakfast of gluten-free cereal with fat free milk, yogurt and a banana adds up to a whopping 67 g. (22 tsp.) of sugar!?!?!


I know you get it by now…


While real-food sources of sugar can be incorporated in the right balance in a healthy diet, let’s chat about how we can quit sugar and rid ourselves from the foggy, fatigued and fat feeling it brings with it!


As a Sugar Expert, here are my 5 Steps to Quit Sugar:


1.       Remove.

Sorry to say that the first thing you need to do to remove it from your system. Why is this necessary?  Every time you’re consuming sugar or something sweet, you’re signaling a neurotransmitter called dopamine – the “feel good” hormone so you’re literally condition yourself to crave more.  If you’re consuming artificial sweeteners this doesn’t help because they are way sweeter than sugar so you’re actually making it worse by eating these on a regular basis if you have cravings for sweet foods that you can’t seem to shake.  When your body is constantly running on glucose (from sugar and processed or simple carbohydrates) it will seek sugar/carbs as your energy source instead of being in a more stable fat-burning state.  This is the sugar rollercoaster that keeps you feeling hungry, cranky and low energy all day.  It may be difficult in the first few days to give up your sugar habit, but after the first week you’ll find it starts to get easier (as long as you’re following Steps 2 and 3).


2.       Replace.

A sugar detox isn’t just about what foods you CAN’T eat…it’s more about the foods you CAN!  We provide you with complete “Embrace/Avoid” food lists in the Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox Program, but you can start with just eating REAL FOOD – nothing out of a box or package – and you’ll be off to a good start.  There are over 60 sneaky names for sugar that we teach in our sugar detox program, but you’ll want to become a label detective and avoid anything that resembles sugar or an ingredient you can’t pronounce.  If you can, focus on food quality too – nutrients matter most when it comes to nourishing your body and you’ll be amazed what happens when you make quality nutrition a priority.


3.       Rebalance.

This is another area where people go often go way wrong doing a sugar detox on their own – they don’t eat enough or in the right combinations.  We help people navigate the proper macronutrient balance in our sugar detox program, but you can begin with this simple equation:


Protein + Fat + Fiber/Veggies


There is a lot more to this and nuance which can be customized for each person which is covered in depth when we work together, but this gives you a framework that you can use on your own when you build your meals.


4.       Restore.

This step is often overlooked on most detox programs that just focus on food. In the Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox we emphasize all the lifestyle factors that support a total detox. You’ll want to focus on your sleep and reducing your stress for the full benefit of a detox experience. Fresh air, avoiding toxic home and beauty products and enjoying sunshine and physical activity are all supportive of a detox too!


5.       Reassess.

A sugar detox is a diet that you can continue forever in my book, but there are some foods that you may wish to re-introduce on occasion which makes it a nutrition challenge. The best part about eliminating sugar and other sweet and inflammatory foods for a few weeks is that you’re allowing your entire system to calm down and reset so when you do decide to add back in something you avoided during the detox you can actually tell how it affects you.  We take you through the step-by-step process for how to safely and strategically reintroduce foods in the Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox but you can start with just one food at a time and see if you have any reactions or if it triggers your cravings again.  If so, you might want to decide to keep it out, or only have it on a rare occasion. 


BONUS TIP: Get Support!

A well-formulated sugar detox program is the best way to finally stop sugar cravings dead in their tracks and kick refined sugar from your life for good!


The Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox will provide you with the plan, the support, and the community you need to ditch the reliance on sugar in a way that makes it practically impossible to fail! We do it together and guide you each and every step of the way.


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Here’s what one participant had to say:


"Doing the sugar detox was the most educational 'diet'/nutrition program I've ever done. I don't jump on every bandwagon but expect to be successful when I try one. This really was easy, and I didn't have "withdrawal" like I thought I would. The education behind why we were eating the right foods made it easy to want to follow. I was surprised when I lost 3 lbs. in 3 days, then 6 lbs. in 13 days and I honestly was eating plenty of tasty food. Mid-program I got off the blood pressure medicine that I had been on for a year. All this was without regular exercise due to the craziness of my work schedule and long hours." 


So, what are you waiting for?


  • Is super busy and needs simple, realistic plans and routines?
  • Wants to feel strong and fit but never wants to hear the word “diet” again?
  • Is ready to BREAK THROUGH the cycle of self-sabotage that has kept you from sticking to healthy habits?
  • Craves the motivation to kickstart your health TODAY (not “on Monday” or “next month”)?
  • Cares deeply about getting yourself and your family healthy?
  • Wants to understand what foods are impacting your health without expensive testing?
  • Wants to stop feeling zapped of energy?
  • Wants to stop craving sugar and carbs?
  • Wants to improve your relationship with food and self-confidence?
  • Wants a fresh start to reset and cleanse your entire body?


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