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Paleo on the Go: Health Coach Q&A - All Things Sugar!

Paleo On The Go: Hi there! If you could, let us know a little about your background and why you've made it your mission to get people off sugar in particular.


Back in my twenties, I was going at warp speed, trying to be healthy and feeling awful.

I truly thought I was eating “healthy” according to what I was told by conventional dietary advice – low-fat, artificially-sweetened foods every 2-3 hours to keep my metabolism going.  Yet I was still feeling hungry and unsatisfied all the time, experiencing low energy, poor sleep, troubled digestion and always thinking about food. Yep, I was that girl putting 3-4 Splenda packets into my tea and a meal had to include fruit or something sweet.  If you told me about doing a 21-day sugar detox I would have thought you were craaaazy.  I mean, I was already eating pretty healthy, right?  And how could I possibly give up my low-calorie (aka sugar-laden) foods?


Does this sound familiar?


When my health crashed, I started to learn about the power of real food and alternative ways to regain my wellbeing.  My world opened up once I understood how sugar actually impacts the body from the inside out.  It wasn’t overnight, but when I look back at those days and I think at how far I’ve come since then, I realize that any small change adds up to BIG results!

The truth is, YOUR health starts with real food. 


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of MyHealthyTransitions Health Coaching, I specialize in helping people realize that being healthy doesn’t have to be hard.  The first thing we can do to improve our health is cut out sugar and processed foods and there is a proven formula for how to do it. Not only has this made a tremendous impact in my own life, but I have helped so many people break free from the sugar stronghold with simple shifts which is what makes my job so rewarding. I was even able to help my dad overcome uncontrolled diabetes with a sugar detox meal plan which literally saved his life…in just one week his blood sugar went down from almost 400 to 190 without any medication! This type of personal impact makes the Sugar Detox Program so meaningful to me.


2)     POTG: Is sugar addiction really a thing? Can it happen to people eating a clean diet?


Yes!  Our brains are wired to crave sugar from an evolutionary perspective to crave sugar to keep us going in times of feast and famine.  Dopamine, the “feel good” hormone gets triggered anytime we eat something sweet, which is why we need to cut this out every once in a while, to reset our taste buds.  Sugar has been put in many “diet” and processed foods which is a sneaky trick of the food industry – they want us to get hooked!  The problem is that the more we consume the more we crave. Even if you’re eating clean; if you’re hungry every two hours, needing something sweet at the end of each meal, having trouble with your sleep, holding on to unwanted body fat, or just want to learn what foods work best for YOUR body, our Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox can benefit you.


3)     POTG: What effect does sugar have on the body?


We know sugar is bad for us, but we often don’t realize the myriad of symptoms that can be traced back to sugar. Not only does it age us and lead to diabetes if consumed in excess, but it can cause disturbances in our mood and anxiety levels, poor sleep, skin issues, join pain, digestive imbalances and weight gain.  Sugar can even play a role in feeding cancer cells and exacerbating inflammatory responses in our body, so the long-term impact of sugar is more than just what meets the eye.


4)     POTG: What's the biggest misconception people have about sugar?


The biggest misconception people have about sugar is that the only sugar that counts is the kind in white table sugar and the obvious sweets and treats like donuts, cake and candy.  Sure, we want to avoid table sugar and added sugar, but many “healthy” foods are sneaky sugar bombs!  Fat-free yogurt, 100-calorie granola bars, whole wheat bread, salad dressings, green juices, whole grain crackers, lunchmeat, gluten-free cereals, smoothies, no-sugar-added fruit juice, dried fruit and more!  Even natural sugars like agave and brown rice syrup can spike your insulin and dysregulate and trigger sweet cravings, which can get out of control when consumed too often.  There are so many hidden names for sugar and nuances about the types of sugar that exist, it requires education.  That is what we teach in our Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox Program – how to balance your blood sugar naturally using real, whole foods.  It’s for real people who want real results.  It’s a nice reset for anyone to get back to a baseline to determine what foods work best for them without having to rely on constant willpower alone, which in my experience usually doesn’t last.


5)     POTG: Can you tell us a little about your Sugar Detox Program?


If you told me to do a sugar detox years ago, I would have said “you’re crazy!” but now I eat this way all the time.  So, I know it’s possible, even if you start small and make minor changes as a participant in our program.


The Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox is more than just a nutrition challenge. It’s a lifestyle.

Yes, what to eat is important. That’s why WWR Sugar Detox includes a complete guide for what to eat, including “embrace/avoid” foods and behaviors, how to build your plate, full 21-day meal plan + grocery lists and recipes, so you can take what you’re learning in the program and transition easily into it from the get-go.  Plus, we add in an additional pre-detox week & checklist to ease your way into it to ensure your success and a bonus weekly success journal along with a post-detox guide for how to reintroduce foods you may have eliminated without undoing all your progress. 


But we also cover many important lifestyle factors like mindset, sleep, stress, eating out and social situations that make it hard to stick with a healthy eating plan on your own.


What you’ll be getting inside the Wellness Warriors Sugar Detox is a comprehensive nutrition and healthy lifestyle education, facilitated with live education sessions in a private Facebook group by two Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches who are experts on sugar and motivating people to make transformations in their diet and overall health and wellbeing.  That means you’ll achieve results in a fun, rewarding way so you can have total confidence to make the best choices on your own even after the program ends.


What’s more, we’re stepping out of the "do it yourself" paradigm to offer hands-on, live coaching through the 30-day program. In a world where we are overwhelmed with a barrage of conflicting health information, you’ll be blown away by how much real-life, real-time support helps.


Essentially, we literally hold your hand through every step of the process. 

There are no magic potions, powders or pills involved.  Just real people and real food achieving real results.


We know this might be a turn-off to the fad-dieters. But that’s OK.


We care about your health and your long-term success and that’s what matters most to us if you’re a participant in our program.


We hope you’re inspired to join us in our October group!


Beth xoxo


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